Front Vertical Base (FVB)

This jig is used for very accurate sharpening of knives.

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  2. A Universal Support Bar is not included with this jig.
  3. This jig is made from an aluminum block with aluminum rods. It has no stainless steel components. (Aluminum was used to keep the cost down.)
  4. The legs are not turned using a CNC lathe; rather they are turned by hand on my metal lathe. Efforts are made to make them consistent, but there may be very slight variations in the lengths of the legs. Any variation is immaterial as the amount the legs project from the block can be adjusted when securing them in place.

Calculator Notes:. There are a number of calculators which can be used for sharpening when using this jig.

These are cataloged on the Sharpening Handbook.

The values you need to use for this jig are at this link.

Assembly Notes: Notes on assembly of this jig are at this link.