FVB Notes & Calculator Settings


Proper alignment of the FVB
when attached to the Tormek grinder
(also shows the Universal Support Bar installed)
  1. When using this jig, ensure it is aligned as shown to the right. The FVB's posts which are inserted into the Tormek grinder's horizontal base should be on the top.

    Version 1 of this FVB had the "COLVIN TOOLS" engraving (shown below) on the bottom.


Calcapp Calculator

If you are using this jig with the Calcapp calculator, no additional settings are needed. Questions can be sent via email to calcappcalculator@gmail.com.

TormekCalc2 Calculator

If you are using this jig with the TormekCalc2 calculator, the entries for the Settings tab which you need to use are:

(listed alphabetically)
T8 T4
Default FVB distance [mm] 20.4 15.8
FVB body thickness constant [mm] 31.75 31.75
FVB distance 1 [mm] (used in drop-down lists) 20.4 15.8
FVB distance 2 [mm] (used in drop-down lists) 50.0 50.0
FVB distance 3 [mm] (used in drop-down lists) 75.0 75.0
FVB distance 4 [mm] (used in drop-down lists) 100.0 100.0
FVB Offset F [mm] 20.4 15.8
HH - Horizontal USB constant [mm] 41.0 29.0
HV - Vertical USB constant [mm] 50.1 50.1
Min. FVB distance F [mm] 20.3 15.3
VF - FVB constant [mm] 53.8 41.8
VH - Horizontal USB constant [mm] 81.0 66.0
VV - Vertical USB constant [mm] 28.9 20.0
USB diameter U [mm] 12.0 12.0