FVB Notes on Assembly

Proper alignment of the FVB
when attached to the Tormek grinder
(also shows the Universal Support Bar installed)
  1. When assembling the jig

    1. Set Screw

      Allen Wrench

      Thumb Screw
    2. The posts which were shipped with the block are inserted into the FVB in the holes which are not drilled only part way thru the block. Ensure the posts are seated fully into the holes.

    3. These posts should be secured into place with the two set screws. The later versions of this have the screws on the sides.

      An Allen wrench is provided to tighten the set screws. There is no need to over-tighten them. They need only be secured well enough to hold the legs in place.

    4. The two thumb screws are used to set the height of the universal support bar. These attach to the front of the block.

  2. When using this jig, ensure it is aligned as shown in the diagram to the right. The FVB's posts which are inserted into the Tormek grinder's horizontal base should be on the top.

  3. Colvin Tools Engraving
    • Version 1 of this FVB had the "COLVIN TOOLS" engraving on the bottom (shown to the right).

    • Version 2 of this FVB had the "COLVIN TOOLS" engraving on the top. These were shipped starting in October 2022.

Once assembled, the jig should look like the pictures below.

Top View

Front View
Side View