Convex Arcs

GDP-3 Rosette

The GDP-3 rosette is commonly known as the "triple finial" rosette, and named in honor of Gorst duPlessis.

This rosette is commonly used at very small radii where the design of the rosette collapses into itself. At a small enough Diameter, the three patters will be separated. This can then be fluted along a column, creating a triple finial.

Aspect Value Comments
Pattern Convex arcs of a circle
Pattern Repeated 3
Target Diameter
for Rosette Design
Phasing Holes 1/8 & 1/30 lobe There are two sets of phasing holes in this rosette.
Works For End Cutting Near side cutting
Far side cutting, or using rear rubber column
Side Cutting Near side cutting
Far side cutting, or using rear rubber column
Complementary Rosettes

This rosette is typically used for making finials. However if you want to use this rosette for other work, consider pairing it with one of these.


Click on any of the images below to see a bigger version.

Paper Chuck Drawing

Drawn from the Near Side.

As the diameter is reduced, the shape collapses, creating the triple finial so appropriately associated with Gorst.

Paper Chuck Drawing

Drawn from the Far Side.

Other Notes

At the 2018 Ornamental Turners International Symposium, Eddie Bell gave a presentation about how variations in the shape of the rubber can change the shape of the Gorst du Plessis finials. This is a nice presentation about the effect rubbers can have on the object shape.

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