MDF Rose Engine 2.0
3D Printing Notes

Step Comments
  1. Warm the environment
Need to ensure it is not too cold, especially if the outside temperature is under 80 °F. I shoot for having the enclosure at 105-115 °F.
  1. Clean the bed
    1. Scrape any residue from the bed
    2. Clean with isopropyl alcohol, then dry well
  1. Pre-heat for PLA, and verify filament flow.
Turn the blue indication knob until a continuous stream flows thru the extruder. I preheat the extruder to 200 °C and the bed to 50 °C.
  1. Level the bed (Auto-level via the BLTouch)
  1. 3D Print the part
Filament Material Nozzle Bed Temp Enclosure Temp Comments
Size Temp
PLA 0.4 mm 200 °C 50 °C 90 °F - 110 °F Inland brand filament from MicroCenter. More details on PLA are available at

My 3D Printing Setup

I use a Creality Ender 3 v2.

This is what I found works for me: You will need to confirm if the same works for you. And as your 3D printing setup may be different, STL files have been provided to enable you to create your own G-code files.