Rosettes for the MDF Rose Engine Lathe


Works with
Original MDF Rose Engine
MDF Rose Engine 2.0

These rosettes were designed by Jon Magill for the MDF rose engine lathe, and we are happy to make them available. Pictures of these, and the work they produce can be seen on Jon's web site.

Jon's innovations make it easy to get started in ornamental turning, and that especially applies in the use of rosettes. I like that they allow me to focus on the desired objectives, and not spend time trying to figure out the math.

To place an order, contact us via eMail at We will work with you to let you know the cost and how to pay.

These rosettes include the phasing holes Jon designed into them, and are labeled with the amount of phasing each gives. And are 1/2 inch thick which easily accommodates using them for pumping.

Where we have examples of work made from a given rosette, links are made to those pictures.

Newer Rosettes
Traditional Rosettes
  • Holtzapffel A Series Rosettes - Sine Wave

  • Holtzapffel D Series Rosettes - Convex lobes (opposite of C Series which have concave lobes)

  • Holtzapffel F Series Rosettes - Heart Shape, or Cupid's Bows

  • Holtzapffel J Series Rosettes - Arcs of eccentric circles with each arch having on it a superimposed arc of sine waves

  • Holtzapffel M Series Rosettes - sets of long lobes 3x in length separated 3 short lobes

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