MDF Rose Engine Lathe Kit 2.0


In 2007, Jon Magill designed the MDF rose engine lathe. He stopped making that kit, and we are happy to announce that we will soon be making them available again.

We are hoping to have these ready by December, 2020, and are putting out this early notice to gage the interest so we get enough made. We don't have the prices worked out yet, and we are certainly not looking for commitments or any payments at this time. We are simply looking to judge the interest. (And if you know which options you are interested in, let us know that also.)

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Want more information? These documents are available now:
  • Base System Package

  • Spindle Drive Option
    • Stepper Motor Option - everything needed to drive the spindle with a stepper motor (stepper motors allow the spindle's speed to be slowed down to multiple minutes per revolution)
    • (none) - allows the builder to build or source their own

  • Cutting Frame Option
    • Universal cutting frame with integrated motor
    • Universal cutting frame with overhead drive
    • (none) - allows the builder to build or source their own

  • Tool Holder Option
    • Set - Cross Slide, quick-change tool post, and tool holders (AXA) from LMS
    • (none) - allows the builder to source their own

  • Case Option
    • Pre-cut MDF Set - All the pieces for the body and headstock, already cut to size and ready for assembly
    • (none) - allows the builder to source & cut their own